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Having your students certified in the American Federation of Jujitsu is a simple process. First you test your students with your own school's belt requirements. Many Instructors prefer to have the certificates in advance of the test so they can present them upon completion of the test. Some Instructor like to test their students first and then send for the certificates. How you run your testing and when you give your certificates to your students is up to you. You must send your students name, new belt rank, style, school and month of the test. The certificate will be printed on the same stationary as your certificate with a gold seal. You will notice that it differs from yours and also it has a line for you to sign as their Instructor. The certification is life time like your certificate. The fee for the Student Certificate is $15 if requested by a Federation Instructor. Students- If your Instructor is not a Federation Member and you would like to become a Federation Member, send a $40 fee for your own certificate.



You and your Students belong to the largest open style Jujitsu Federation in the World! The American Federation of Jujitsu can give you and your students security. Many students will come and go from your establishment. With the help of the Federation you can suggest Dojos in any area throughout the World by using our data base. Just EMAIL the Federation with State where your student is relocating. We will reply with the  schools in the State you requested and the style each Instructor teaches. This service is free to all members.

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